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Interim CFO Support
During times of transition, New Paradigm CFO can provide the stability you need to make good decisions.

Unemployment rates among experienced financial professionals in the Seattle area are at historic lows. As a result, it's taking much longer to find the right candidate when your CFO or Controller resigns. Yet it's so important to make sure you have the right fit in this vital leadership role in your company.

New Paradigm CFO offers a flexible and reliable solution during times of turnover, providing just as much support as you need each week. Our experienced professionals can relieve the pressure, ensuring your critical bases are covered while you look for the right fit in your permanent hire. We can be there for as long as you need us, whether that's one month or six months, and we can quickly bring your new CFO up to speed after you hire.

To schedule a complimentary Discovery Meeting with one of our experienced CFOs, click here.

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